iKlip Xpand

The iKlip Xpand is a great alternative to a music stand. This product is specially made for electronic music on tablets. The Klip can fit pretty much any size tablet. The measurements this can fit is anywhere from around 6.5 inches to around 8.5 inches.

The reason this product stretches so far out is due to the two large spring underneath the product. The whole stand is a light sturdy plastic that is similar to the material phone cases are made out of. Setting this product up is simple. It comes with only 5 pieces. The stand itself, 2  screws to hold the product together to the mount, and a rotating ball to move the mount anywhere you desire. In the instruction booklet, there is a picture telling you exactly what to do with steps. You do not even need a screwdriver, every step you can do with your hands due to the simple deign of this product. Once it is set up, you can squeeze your tablet onto it. You do not need to worry that your tablet will fall out of it due to the rubber grip securing the iPad. Also, the two springs are pulling on your tablet in opposite directions to hold it in place. Other than it being used for tablets, it does fit on my phone. I have the iPhone 7+ so, it is just large enough to fit. I would expect some of the the Galaxy note phones to fit in on it too. If you do not have a phone of the height of about 6 1/4 of an inch you will not be able to use it. The clip does not come with something to mount it to. Although, it almost fits to about anything from a music pole to a metal bar, or even a table. You do not need to buy this product just as a music stand alternative. You can use this to watch  movie,  videos or read.

If you want to read music from your iPad and you do not want to spend that much money, the iKlip Xpand would be a great option. It is price similarly to most standard music stands and you will not be disappointed of the performance of this stand

Rating 10/10 MSRP $49.99 Buy from ikmultimedia

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