DJI Vision 2

     DJI is easily the biggest drone producing business in the nation. They have foldable small, foldable drones like the new magic pro, and they have large drones like the Inspire. Between all of those comes the DJI vision 2. Opening  is a pleasant experience with many small bags with accessories. Some of these include propellers, screws, a screw driver and stickers. Included comes a few papers about the drone and how to fly it. In the how to start it up and fly it book, there are commands from simple to very complex. Everything is included in the box that you could possibly need


The Vision 2 is unlike the other. It has a sleek design that puts it apart from the rest. The drone has a 3 axis gimble that is very stable and can tilt up and down with the drag of your hand. The video transmission range is around 500-700 meters which is excellent. To top it off the large legs of the drone protect the blades from chopping grass and other things in its way. The camera has a 1080p and 720p option that shoots from either 30/60 frames per second. On the bluetooth device you have it connected to it might not appear fantastic, but once you throw it on a computer you see the fantastic camera the Vision actually has. If you want to, you can connect a camera of your choice to this drone, preferably a GoPro. To start the drone, put the two metal controllers to the center and you start to see the propellers move. Once the drone is up in the air, you can move the drone forward, backward, side to side and turn the drone 360 degrees. Wind takes little to no effect on this drone. Also, The battery lasts considerably long and does not take excessively long to charge. In my opinion, by far the best feature is return home. If at any point the drone has a technical issue, is too far away or is about to die, it will go back to exact spot you took off within inches.

DJI Vision 2 MSRP around $1,000 (can be found under $500) Buy on amazon, Best Buy, Directly from DJI and more.

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