Canon PowerShot SX520 HS

   Canon makes all types of cameras. SLR’s, DSLR’s and Point and Shoot Cameras. Once I received this product, I was not surprised about the quality of this camera.

   It has a 42x optical zoom that keeps the same quality from no zoom, all the way to 42. It comes with a standard cannon strap, a guide, but no carrying case. It also comes with a 8gb Sd card. The camera has 16 megapixels, shoots in 1080p and has a clear flash. The focus on this camera is automatic, but it has a manual setting. It does not completely blur the background which is standard for a point and shoot, but you can definitely tell what the focus of the picture is. Flipping the camera to the top, it has a control dial. You can view all of your images with around the same quality as when you see it on a computer. Another feature is macro. This focuses on objects excessively close to the lens and will focus on it. One of the coolest features is live. What this does is capture a picture when people, cars and other objects are moving. The final result will be no blur and a sharp, beautiful picture. Any picture you view on the camera, you will be able to edit. There will not be a lot of options, but it does a decent job. I would highly recommend editing pictures on a computer or your phone after you transfer the photo. The battery on this camera lasts very long for a point and shoot camera. Charging is no issue with a charge time of only a few hours. This has no issue lasting for a days worth of pictures at a museum or other places. It will probably last even longer than you expect. For low light pictures, this camera can definitely compare to higher end cameras. The details are flawless as well as the colors.

    If you are looking for a top of the line point and shoot camera with a medium price, I would totally recommend this product. You will be glad with all the features given in such a small, compact camera.

Rating 9.5/10 MSRP $329.99 Buy from Canon, Amazon or local stores



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