Bose SoundSport In Ear Earbuds

     Bose has quite a few in headphones; in-ear and on-ear, wired and wireless. These Bose SoundSport wired earbuds are one of Bose’s cheaper options while being able to be bought for less than $100.00 When you open the packaging it comes with a little carrying case for travel. There are a few tips included in the box. The tips have a wing integrated onto it which has various benefits including comfort and simplicity. There is an option of 5 colors including: black, silver/white, orange, red, neon/green, blue/neon.


    The Bose SoundSport are not noise canceling, so you will hear the noise around you. While they do not have this feature, they do an exceptional job at blocking out all surrounding noises. The sound quality is great with a clear, deep noise and could not get better with the MSRP of $99.95 The Stay Hear technology tips sit loosely on your ear. They are not meant to jam into your ear, making this extremely comfortable and easy to put in the ear. These are sweat proof and will definitely not fall out of you while doing physical activity. The control bar on the side of the earbuds can pause, start and stop the music. It also has a mic for calls. I would say that these are fairly durable, and will be just fine with daily use. Overall, these have a sleek design and cannot make you disappointed for the price.

Rating 9/10 MSRP $99.95 Buy directly from Bose retail stores or online

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