iKlip Xpand

The iKlip Xpand is a great alternative to a music stand. This product is specially made for electronic music on tablets. The Klip can fit pretty much any size tablet. The measurements this can fit is anywhere from around 6.5 inches to around 8.5 inches.

The reason this product stretches so far out is due to the two large spring underneath the product. The whole stand is a light sturdy plastic that is similar to the material phone cases are made out of. Setting this product up is simple. It comes with only 5 pieces. The stand itself, 2  screws to hold the product together to the mount, and a rotating ball to move the mount anywhere you desire. In the instruction booklet, there is a picture telling you exactly what to do with steps. You do not even need a screwdriver, every step you can do with your hands due to the simple deign of this product. Once it is set up, you can squeeze your tablet onto it. You do not need to worry that your tablet will fall out of it due to the rubber grip securing the iPad. Also, the two springs are pulling on your tablet in opposite directions to hold it in place. Other than it being used for tablets, it does fit on my phone. I have the iPhone 7+ so, it is just large enough to fit. I would expect some of the the Galaxy note phones to fit in on it too. If you do not have a phone of the height of about 6 1/4 of an inch you will not be able to use it. The clip does not come with something to mount it to. Although, it almost fits to about anything from a music pole to a metal bar, or even a table. You do not need to buy this product just as a music stand alternative. You can use this to watch  movie,  videos or read.

If you want to read music from your iPad and you do not want to spend that much money, the iKlip Xpand would be a great option. It is price similarly to most standard music stands and you will not be disappointed of the performance of this stand

Rating 10/10 MSRP $49.99 Buy from ikmultimedia

JBL Clip bluetooth Speaker


The JBL clip portable speaker is small but definitely has a lot to show. This speaker is one of a kind. It has a flat circle shape and can easily fit in a bag, jacket and even your pocket. Built into the clip, there is a 3.5mm jack for smartphones and almost any other device. There is also bluetooth integrated into it. The product is available in 4 different colors including black, silver, red, purple and blue. Also, this product can be bought with special designs like baseball and basketball teams. In my opinion the best places for this item to play is on your book bag, zipper or pocket. It could even be used for videos and sports due to its amazing amplification JBL has to show.


This speaker has a lot more than it appears. It is easy to connect to your phone in the settings and should take little to no time at all. Once you are connected, the range is around 20 feet and you are ready to start the music. Loudness of the clip can compare to competitors over double its size. Once I played music from the speaker for the first time, I could tell that it had a medium/soft tone and is just what I was asking for. The battery life is flawless considering it is 5 hours. From a speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand I would expect it to be about 2 to 3 hours. Along with the battery life, it charges very quickly. It can be plugged into a wall with any type of micro usb cord. Also, It can be plugged into a portable charger for on the go access. If you are traveling with this product this would be an ideal choice due to its light weight, portability and small design. A major upside to this product is water resistance ability since it could be raining outside while you are using it. I would say that this speaker can withstand drops from around the pocket area without chipping or breaking. Everything over that I would expect to scratch and damage the product. All in all, if you are looking for a speaker with many benefits including light weight, style and portability, you will definitely be getting what you paid for, if not more.

Rating 10/10 MSRP $49.99 Buy from JBL or retail stores

Canon PowerShot SX520 HS

   Canon makes all types of cameras. SLR’s, DSLR’s and Point and Shoot Cameras. Once I received this product, I was not surprised about the quality of this camera.

   It has a 42x optical zoom that keeps the same quality from no zoom, all the way to 42. It comes with a standard cannon strap, a guide, but no carrying case. It also comes with a 8gb Sd card. The camera has 16 megapixels, shoots in 1080p and has a clear flash. The focus on this camera is automatic, but it has a manual setting. It does not completely blur the background which is standard for a point and shoot, but you can definitely tell what the focus of the picture is. Flipping the camera to the top, it has a control dial. You can view all of your images with around the same quality as when you see it on a computer. Another feature is macro. This focuses on objects excessively close to the lens and will focus on it. One of the coolest features is live. What this does is capture a picture when people, cars and other objects are moving. The final result will be no blur and a sharp, beautiful picture. Any picture you view on the camera, you will be able to edit. There will not be a lot of options, but it does a decent job. I would highly recommend editing pictures on a computer or your phone after you transfer the photo. The battery on this camera lasts very long for a point and shoot camera. Charging is no issue with a charge time of only a few hours. This has no issue lasting for a days worth of pictures at a museum or other places. It will probably last even longer than you expect. For low light pictures, this camera can definitely compare to higher end cameras. The details are flawless as well as the colors.

    If you are looking for a top of the line point and shoot camera with a medium price, I would totally recommend this product. You will be glad with all the features given in such a small, compact camera.

Rating 9.5/10 MSRP $329.99 Buy from Canon, Amazon or local stores


DJI Vision 2

     DJI is easily the biggest drone producing business in the nation. They have foldable small, foldable drones like the new magic pro, and they have large drones like the Inspire. Between all of those comes the DJI vision 2. Opening  is a pleasant experience with many small bags with accessories. Some of these include propellers, screws, a screw driver and stickers. Included comes a few papers about the drone and how to fly it. In the how to start it up and fly it book, there are commands from simple to very complex. Everything is included in the box that you could possibly need


The Vision 2 is unlike the other. It has a sleek design that puts it apart from the rest. The drone has a 3 axis gimble that is very stable and can tilt up and down with the drag of your hand. The video transmission range is around 500-700 meters which is excellent. To top it off the large legs of the drone protect the blades from chopping grass and other things in its way. The camera has a 1080p and 720p option that shoots from either 30/60 frames per second. On the bluetooth device you have it connected to it might not appear fantastic, but once you throw it on a computer you see the fantastic camera the Vision actually has. If you want to, you can connect a camera of your choice to this drone, preferably a GoPro. To start the drone, put the two metal controllers to the center and you start to see the propellers move. Once the drone is up in the air, you can move the drone forward, backward, side to side and turn the drone 360 degrees. Wind takes little to no effect on this drone. Also, The battery lasts considerably long and does not take excessively long to charge. In my opinion, by far the best feature is return home. If at any point the drone has a technical issue, is too far away or is about to die, it will go back to exact spot you took off within inches.

DJI Vision 2 MSRP around $1,000 (can be found under $500) Buy on amazon, Best Buy, Directly from DJI and more.

Bose SoundSport In Ear Earbuds

     Bose has quite a few in headphones; in-ear and on-ear, wired and wireless. These Bose SoundSport wired earbuds are one of Bose’s cheaper options while being able to be bought for less than $100.00 When you open the packaging it comes with a little carrying case for travel. There are a few tips included in the box. The tips have a wing integrated onto it which has various benefits including comfort and simplicity. There is an option of 5 colors including: black, silver/white, orange, red, neon/green, blue/neon.


    The Bose SoundSport are not noise canceling, so you will hear the noise around you. While they do not have this feature, they do an exceptional job at blocking out all surrounding noises. The sound quality is great with a clear, deep noise and could not get better with the MSRP of $99.95 The Stay Hear technology tips sit loosely on your ear. They are not meant to jam into your ear, making this extremely comfortable and easy to put in the ear. These are sweat proof and will definitely not fall out of you while doing physical activity. The control bar on the side of the earbuds can pause, start and stop the music. It also has a mic for calls. I would say that these are fairly durable, and will be just fine with daily use. Overall, these have a sleek design and cannot make you disappointed for the price.

Rating 9/10 MSRP $99.95 Buy directly from Bose retail stores or online

Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds


The Jaybird freedom wireless buds takes a step into the future to show all the possible customization and technology in a bluetooth device. Starting off when you unbox the headphone there are multiple bags with many tips and accessories that can be adjusted to the setup that you prefer. There are two different kinds of tips, standard rubber, and foam. Personally, I have never seen foam tips. These are especially good because they have a custom mold to your ear and they are unlikely to fall out when playing sports or working out

Set Up And Performance

Connecting this device to your smartphone takes under 30 seconds. With a click of a button you are ready to listen to your favorite music.  The new Jaybird app allows you to make custom sound adjustment to how you prefer it. From high bass, to low pitch tones the choices are endless. If you do not want to make your own custom sound, you can listen to default or, you can pick a celebrity of your choices favorite adjustments. The performance of these earbuds are fantastic and is well worth your money. They are durable and seem to be water resistant. With a product like this it cannot be perfect. One issue is that the battery is on the wire that can cause it to fall out of your right ear if it does not completely have a safe and secure fit to your ear. Also, if you are running or doing athletics with it it may fall out.If you need any questions about the product while you are using it, the Jaybird team is on 24/7 and ready to help. Whenever you ask them  a question they usually get back within a 5 hour time frame.

Rating 9.5/10 Price $179.99 MSRP Buy it on Sale for $149.99 at Bestbuy